Holiday Inn Express.
A hotel brand for the smart traveller.

Founded on a belief in the power of simple and smart travel, Holiday Inn Express offers a straightforward, uncompromising and modern guest experience to the contemporary traveller. Express is the rest & go hotel brand that delivers more where it matters most.

But as competitors catch-up with the brand and in a context of enormous growth, how to make sure that we protect the brand's foundational challenger attitude? How to guideline global expansion? How to reconnect and engage with a new generation of smart travellers?

Our task was to create a compelling, truly differentiated visual and verbal proposition, giving Holiday Inn Express a unique presence and position in the IHG Portfolio.

We created the new Holiday Inn Express Design Philosophy, a strategic and practical guide for those looking to bring Holiday Inn Express’ brand proposition to life through every aspect of the brand experience and design delivery.

We created a new wordmark and made the X in EXPRESS an iconic, meaningful ownable brand device. Sophisticated, tonal blues and dynamic lines add depth and brand character to the identity. Packed with personality, a new tone of voice adds a confident touch of charm and character through its signature wit and clever humour.