Bank Alfalah
Creating Pakistan's most dynamic brand.

Bank Alfalah is the 5th largest bank in Pakistan. Created in 1997 as a challenger to the traditional Pakistani banking industry, Alfalah is a progressive bank that aims to inspire and empower people to do things differently and forge their own path and success in life and business.

But the previous identity, overtly corporate and resorting to all the visual cliches of the banking industry, was failing to represent this pioneering attitude. How to create an identity as forward thinking as the people that make Bank Alfalah? 

We created a renewed brand proposition: ‘Go your way with Bank Alfalah’ to capture the empowering nature of the brand. We developed a completely new verbal identity and tone of voice to sound energetic and extremely passionate about how the way the brand impacts people.

We gave the brand a vibrant red palette to stand out in the sea of greens and blues that are prevalent in the industry. 

And we created a new symbol for the brand inspired by the previous chevron, but we made it more flexible and dynamic, full of direction, to work with the brand tagline, ‘The Way Forward’.

For the wordmark we developed a new script with Dalton Maag that is modern yet has touches of Arabic typography and we chose an upper lower case which is a bit more informal and approachable.