Activ Mobile.
A telco for a country where personal networks are everything.

Activ is a leading Kazakhstan mobile network brand, with 97% awareness and 40% share of the market. However, this was under threat. In an evolving, increasingly competitive and price-driven market, the brand had a huge opportunity. How to redefine and relaunch itself, recapture market share and competitive differentiation?

Our design challenge was to smash our way through a cluttered market, create more emotional connection with consumers in a country that is in the process of defining its new national narrative, and ultimately defend the brand’s position against strong competition.

We developed “Creating Networks For Your Life”, a warm, inclusive brand that takes a broader role in consumers’ lives. 

We designed a multi-platform living, breathing expression that would work from retail to ringtone.

The ‘dottles’ represent Activ as the power that pulls everyone’s network together. They manifest across the system, interacting with photography and uniting to form illustrations and icons. Inspired by the brand’s personality, our tone of voice allows Activ to talk in an open and empathetic way.

Sonic branding (including ringtones and mnemonics) creates a lively soundscape that contributes to the 360° expression.