RSA Insurance.
Visualising customer obsession.

RSA Insurance is a British multinational general insurance company that operates in more than 140 countries.

The previous identity had been developed for the pre-internet era. Our task was to bring a 300 year-old insurance company into the digital era and to to bring to life RSA’s 'Customer Obession'.

We created a dynamic and living brand that worked in two fronts: first, deliver on RSA’s ambition to be the best international insurer. Second, a new identity asset, The Purple Thread, shows RSA Insurance’s engagement with people’s lives.

We started with the digital applications first, designing responsive layouts, reenergising RSA’s colour palette to make it look spectacular on-screen and creating a set of webicons to use on user Interfaces. 

Designing around the user’s needs clarified the offering. The Purple Thread infuses everything with brand personality. Problem/solution stories make clear the intertwining with customer’s lives. 

Pictures are full of warmth and human experience. We put in place a 2,500+ custom image library in collaboration with Corbis: imagery that put people first, showing them in real-world scenarios surrounded by the things that matter to them, in real, relatable, human moments.

See the brand in action here.