T3 Styling tools.
Daring innovations that let women flourish.

T3 products are built from the insight out, and bring innovations from science and engineering into the world of beauty.

They are the ultimate styling tools: smart, powerful products that simplify life and amplify beauty, actively care for hair, are a pleasure to use and a joy to behold. T3 aims to empower every woman to look and feel her best, and give stylists the tools to excel in their art.

But how to make sure that T3 technologies are relevant for the people that are supposed to use them, and how to show how they fit with their lifestyle?

We looked into the T3 Woman, we unified brand, products and customers around one central idea: Powerful Inside, Beautiful Outside.

We designed a new identity that combined effortless technology and beauty, softer, results-driven technology, unique in the marketplace.

We developed a new Magento e-commerce site that put people at the centre of the brand.

See the brand in action here